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Colour Options

What colour would go well with the colour scheme of your house?

You have 3 options.

1. You can choose from our 14 standard colours that we always hold in stock.

2. Or look through the 40+ options in the ColorCote range
  • These non-standard colours only cost a little extra
  • And we'll just need an extra day or two to order it in if we don't have it in stock
3. Or you can go with copper

Once you've chosen a few favourites, give us a call, and we'll get steel samples or a colour chart into your hand.

Then you can hold them up against your house and make your final decision.

14 Standard Colours

Here are our 14 most popular colours.


ColorCote® Range

The expansive ColorCote® range of colours gives homeowners a great-looking choice whatever your architectural or design taste.

There are more than 40 colours in the ColorCote® palette – natural, earth and autumn shades, pastels, bold primary colours, metallics and even black and white. Please talk to us as some colours may incur a surcharge.

pdficon smallDownload the ColorCote Colour Guide 

ColorCote Colourguide

Virtual Painting with Resene EzyPaint

Not sure about which colour would look best on your home?

Click here to try different colours before you commit.. 

Note: this will take you to Resene EzyPaint, a virtual painting program, which allows you to visualise your entire colour scheme before making the final colour decision. Choose from the library of houses or scan your own home and try out colours on your roof, cladding and rainwater system.


Resene ezypaint
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Colour Samples

Your local branch has steel colour samples in business card size available in the full Colour Collection.

It is strongly recommended that before choosing your final colour scheme you view a steel colour sample.


Colour swatchs.jpg


Franchise Opportunity

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Your Local Branch

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