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Traditional Spouting

All Colorflo products (manufactured by Dimond) are made from quality pre-painted steel that allows you to match your fascia, gutter and downpipe to your roof, walls colour or even window joinery. Suitable for new and existing homes, Colorflo is available in a range of colours to complement any architectural style. Colorflo systems are designed to last, retaining their good looks for years and are backed by Dimond’s comprehensive warranty.
Not available in continuous lengths.
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Deep Quad

Deep Quad w Bracket 200DeepQuadSketch_1.jpegEnhancing the design of the Quarter Round, this has a bigger flow load capacity for higher rain areas.
Available In Grade Gauge
Colorcote Steel ZR8 & ZRX 0.55mm G300

Concealed Bracket
1.15mm Zincalume

Cross Section Area: 6,700mm2 (with 10mm free board included)
Flow Capacity: 97 litres/min


Quad Spouting 200QuadSketch_1.jpeg This gutter has been specifically designed, made and tested for the South Island environment.
A 10mm gap between gutter & fascia to deal easily with overflow.
Available In Grade Gauge
Colourcote Steel ZR8 & ZRX 0.55mm G300

Concealed Bracket
1.15mm Zincalume

Quad Spouting w End Cap 200Cross Section Area: 5485mm2 (with 10mm free board included)
Flow Capacity: 75 litres/min

1/2 round

Half Round Spouting 2001_2RoundSketch.jpeg This premier product excels in performance as well as its appearance. It has a large capacity and with its rounded profile, the water is able to move quickly and efficiently also prevents residue build up at the corners or along the edges, thus reducing the possibility of blockages.
Available In Grade Gauge
Colorcote Steel
ZR8 & ZRX 0.55mm G300
Copper 0.55mm ½ hard
Half Spouting w Bracket
External Bracket
2.5mm Powder Coated Aluminium
2.5mm Brass

Cross Section Area: 8,700mm2 (with 10mm free board included)
Flow Capacity: 118 litres/min


Marley PVC

Rainaway Spouting on the Spot can also supply and install
PVC spouting and downpipes manufactured by Marley NZ Ltd.

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